lil souljas need love too

Little Soldiers need love Little kisses and hugs Come get wit these thugs I'm tellin' you I'm livin' it up We can walk through the park, hold hands to it stop It's somethin' about you I don't know but it touches my heart In school you make me blush Yeah It's all about us Haters constantly hatin' always talkin' bout us Understand I'm your man, so why go talk to a friend Regardless of what they say, we gonna rap to the end My little mommy, I'm sayin' my little dime piece My baby, my boo, my future wifey I'm keepin' it real thats why you friends don't like me They jealous, they want a little soldier like me,(chorus)Little soldiers need love Little soldiers need love Little soldiers need love Don't, Don't, Don't hurt me again,Four months past We still pitchin' letters in class I'm bugs your babes bunny,you always makin' me laugh We ride bumper cars and rollarcoasters together Your my best friend, I'll remember you forever Like when the first time I saw you I just had ta speak Heard of love it first sight so it just had ta be I took your hand Your my girl I'm your man It's funny ain't it, yesterday we was just friends Everyday I think about you, some times I dream about you If I had some corn without you it wouldn't be fair I know so much about you, look ma there's somethin I need to tell you,(chorus 2)I hear you movin' What about us? What are you doin'? Two years now, everything we hoped for is ruined How could you leave how could you do this to me I'm to young to be in love, how foolish of me Thinkin' sometimes love comes to an end I can't believe it I'm never gonna see you again How could you hurt me You said you would never desert me But these feelings that I have for you You was my first kiss, my first love 1,000 miles away, we can't even hug If we could do it all over I would keep it the same Romeo and Juliett, write your name in the sand(back too chorus)